Band of Pirates: Movies, Music, Books and more…

The BAND OF PIRATES: BUCCANEER ISLAND movie was filmed in 1999, and was the first digital pirate movie ever shot. Also it was the first one shot in exotic Kauai, Hawaii. using locations never seen before. Recently released in widescreen for the Director’s Cut, with new HD footage. Please watch at Vimeo in HD.

Band of Pirates DC cover KINONATION Landscape

Click on image to WATCH NOW at VIMEO.COM
Search for a missing explorer and his treasure leads to a swashbuckling adventure for Lydia and William Guthrie.


Bruce Mercury
Tiger Lily Jones
Eylse Mirto
William Luduena
Patrick Lambke
Guido Foehrweisser
Kim Delgado
Tony Volu

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